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Calorie Control Weight Management Formula
402 grams (14.18 oz.)
Item Catalog Number: 01493

A review of the scientific literature strongly suggests that healthy life span may be greatly extended if we reduce the calorie burden our body is exposed to each day.1

While eating even a little less is helpful, most of us can benefit enormously if we consume supplements before meals that impede calorie absorption and favorably influence internal regulators of fat storage.

For instance, carbohydrates consumed without calorie inhibitors quickly pass from the stomach into the small intestine where they rapidly absorb into the blood. This causes a surge in blood glucose and insulin that adversely impacts our health.2 When gastric emptying into the small intestine is delayed (by certain calorie inhibitors), the rise in glucose-insulin is more gradual and carries fewer risks.

Inhibiting the amylase digestive enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates also blunts the effects of excess calorie intake— while augmenting programs designed to shed fat pounds.3 When a meal is ingested, bile acids and the lipase enzyme are released into the digestive tract where they facilitate the break-down and absorption of ingested fats. Compounds that bind to bile acids and/or neutralize lipase can impede the absorption of triglyceride-rich dietary fats.4,5 Some of these compounds also inhibit absorption through the intestinal wall by forming a viscous barrier around ingested foods.

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14.18 oz Powder
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